Betsy + Russell | Piney River Ranch, Vail, Colorado |

Betsy + Russell are essentially the nicest people you could hope to meet. That is until you meet the people that raised them. Then you realize their family and friends match that same jovial spirit they carry which, in my opinion, is an incredible thing. I didn’t meet Betsy and Russell in person until the morning of their wedding.
Piney River Ranch is a 45 minute dirt-road drive into the mountains from Vail, and of course that results in a lack of cell phone reception. I got there a little ahead of Betsy and Russell, and it was then that I realized I didn’t know what they looked like. In a matter of 5 seconds I identified Russell out of the crowd of groomsmen that walked up to me based off his beaming grin. It took about half that to figure out who Betsy was- that’s how incredibly unique their energies are. So much so that their dearest loved ones traveled to this remote place from all over the country to cry (and celebrate) while these two exchanged vows.

Betsy & Russell,

Thank you for being the greatest ever. You both amaze me, and I can’t thank you enough for the funny Instagram posts, and mad love, that you all shared with me, a total stranger, on the most important day of your lives.
P.S. Please give Luna some love for me.

- Yoni

Carley Fields