All The Feels Oregon

A while ago, a friend named Brett asked me if I'd like to join him and a bunch of other creatives from around the US *mostly from Nebraska* in a little house by Cannon Beach in Oregon for a week. Easily the answer was yes and soon enough come September, we were all on a flight to one of the best weeks anyone could ask for. 

I can't list the things I had learned that week, but I can point that the relationships I formed with the individuals I met that week are ones that I will cherish forever. Those relationships have already grown to a point I couldn't have foreseen, and I can only hope they grow from here. 

To Brett, Ben, Sarah, Megan, Jordan, Elaine, Kyle, Kalen, Dylan, Hailey, Matthew, Jabaree, Zach, and David -- thank you guys seriously so much for being real, hard working, contributing and motivating people, creatives, and over all friends. Please don't stop committing the amount of effort you do to life, it is contagious and it is good. 

Here are some photographs from that time. Enjoy. 

Yoni Gill