Yoni (Yo•knee) Gill

One time I tripped and fell on my face and broke my leg in two places, walking. Failure led me to the better things in life. I love stories, children’s books, bad stories, good stories, dad jokes. I thrive in the awkward moments, and shy when it all goes right. I live to climb mountains, and jump sixty foot waterfalls and I’m scared to death of moose. People-time to me, is more valuable than money, as I try and maximize every waking moment I have with someone. I am a fan of dogs, and loathed by cats.  Nebraska is home for now (although I can hear the peaks and valleys of the west whispering sweet nothings in my ears). I live for adventure, and die for experience. I tell stories and capture love.


Photo by: Brett Brooner

Photo by: Brett Brooner



Do you travel for weddings? 

  • absolutely.

Do you bring a second shooter? 

  • Second shooters are available! 

Can we see some full weddings?

  • shoot me a note and I'll get you some weddings I shot that closely match yours.

 What are your rates?

  • Pricing information is available upon request. Please get in contact with me here

 Do you give us all the images?

  • Short answer: No.

  • Long answer: Imagine you're in line at Chipotle, and everything is unlimited but you only get one tortilla. You don't want that exploding all over your clothes. A nice neat, beautifully crafted burrito sounds way better. I take thousands of images during your big day, I'll only hand over the best of the best, just like a chipotle burrito. 



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